RetCam Data System

RetCam Ophthalmic Imaging Management and Communication System
RDS manages pediatric eye disease screening and treatment information more promptly and efficiently with optimized clinical workflow
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The new RetCam Ophthalmic Imaging Management and Communication System (RDS) is co-designed by professional ophthalmologists and RetCam data management R&D team, which truly integrates practical experience with modern information technology and fully meets clinical needs and management requirements.
By Professionals For Professionals

Optimized data management process

Automatic backup of local storage

Report in Chinese

EMR archives management

Intelligent Backup for Secure Storage
Smooth and Efficient in One Go

RDS can spare you the time of backing up data and the trouble of repeated entries. Upon the RetCam checks, you can easily view, edit, print and archive the data using RDS system for future retrieval and follow-up.
Creation, editing, saving and review of reports in Chinese

Time-saving and worry-free

Synchronous backup of local storage for data security

Chinese report

Easy-to-use and rational construction for convenient communication


Objective recording and preservation of complete course of disease

RDS runs separately from the host to optimize the screening workflow and improve work efficiency, so that the screening work is not interrupted due to report issuance.