Quality and development are our pursuit

focus on the innovative medical diagnostic and treatment technologies

Sense and create Clinical/Family Medical needs;activate market potential

Brand Marketing, Technology Development,
Capital Operation

Our market innovation, operation ability, clinical and technology capabilities are the perfect breeding ground for introducing and promoting new medical technologies in China.

RetCam Ophthalmic Wide Field Imaging System:
Pediatric ocular diseases diagnose and neonatal eye disease screen.

Noninvasive Temporal Artery Thermometer :
Changing the Way the World Takes Temperature

Our Vision:
Building a top tier platform for the introducing and promoting the world's leading medical technologies.

Dream Team

Trust can be earned - your ability will back you up.


It’s the core of communication-simple and honest.


Values are proven by constant innovation and persistent implementation.


There is no such thing as perfection; we all need to learn to be a better team.

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