“New Generation” RetCam Neonatal Wide-field Digital Fundus Imaging System
RetCam Envision™ Product Introduction

RetCam marks a huge leap in pediatric wide-field fundus imaging technology, setting a standard for the industry. We continue to explore the boundaries of technology and adhere to the highest pursuit of balanced illumination and quality imaging of fundus. Today, the 4th generation of pediatric wide-field fundus imaging system RetCam Envision™ adopts various hard-core technologies, which breaks new ground with exciting developments. Envision™ represents our never-ending pace and commitment to continuous innovation and development.

Lighting the Way with Confidence
It’s our technical principle to protect young children's delicate fundus, avoid iatrogenic injury, and introduce safe illumination into the fundus to realize clear illumination and imaging. To further improve the imaging quality, Envision™ not only adopts a professional brand-new optical path design, but also elaborately controls and optimizes every detail such as coupling efficiency, numerical aperture, focusing performance, incident angle, so that the soft and bright light source passes through the narrow pupil almost "losslessly", and shines brightly on the fundus.
Patented Light Shaping Technology
Yes, we "shaped" the light. Conventional pediatric fundus imaging is prone to uneven illumination in the field of view, excessive illumination in the center of the image field and insufficient ambient illumination. Envision™, a patented "light shaping" technology, uses a unique fiber array to form different inclination angles with the imaging main optical axis to emit illuminating light into the eye. Meanwhile, a converter performing adjustment through light intensity distribution transforms the light from a "bell" shape to a "top hat" shape, which realizes balanced homogeneous coverage from the optic disc to the distal periphery, eliminates dead corners and dark areas, and increases image resolution.
Conventional "bell" light distribution vs RetCam Envision™ "top hat" light distribution
Protected Away From the Reflections
The "protective window" technology can effectively eliminate the influence of reflection on capture at the juncture of different media in the refractive system, reduce the formation of artifacts such as glare, grayness, and bright spots, restore the true fundus, improve imaging quality in multiple dimensions, and provide clear and accurate images for clinical use.

Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA)

Essential for Differential Diagnosis

Color wide-field fundus imaging is conducive to the detection of various eye diseases in newborns and infants in the early clinical stage. However, pediatric fundus diseases often have complex conditions and are characterized by concealment, similarity and complication. In some cases, simple color photography is not enough to figure out the mystery, and a more professional examination method - FFA is needed.

Handle designed with new generation technology: Switch to FFA mode with a flick.

With RetCam Pediatric FFA, we can observe the microscopic structure, microcirculation changes and vascular perfusion that can not be seen on color fundus imaging, and identify the location and nature of the lesion. It provides scientific basis for differential diagnosis, illness evaluation, regime options and prognosis evaluation, and has advantages that cannot be replaced by other examinations.