Efficiency,Improve Resuscitation Efficiency
Intelligent,Smart Tool for Resuscitation
Security,Lower Compression Risk
Convenient,Suitable for Complex Environment

3D compression, patented by Weil Critical Care Medicine, provides higher CPP.

Keep continuous high-quality compression in mobile environment and stairway transportation to maximize CCF.

Thoracic cavity is three-dimensional fixed,with consistent pressing position and no displacement.

Construct the chain of resuscitation,linkage with ePAQ Pro, detect the compression and physiological parameters on the same screen.

*Data source: Wei Chen, MD ,PhD; Yinlun Weng, PhD; Xiaobo Wu, BME; Shijie Sun, MD, FCCM; Joe Bisera,MSEE; Max Harry Weil, MD, PhD,MCCM; Wanchun Tang, MD, MCCM. The effects of a newly developed miniaturized mechanical compressor on outcomes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a porcine model, Crit. Care Med 2012 Vol 40 No.11:3007-3012

Smart Control Panel
Making Resucitation Visible and Fully Controllable

Visible data, the 2.8 inches OLED screen feedback thecompression data in real time.

Adjustable parameters, the depth and rate of compression can be adjusted to realize personalized treatment and scientific research.

Reviewable trend, statistics of CCF and other rescue data can be generated immediately after the rescue is completed.

Big data, 180-hour capacity data storage.

Data interconnection, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth multi-channel transmission.

CPR data cloud provides access to regional cardiac arrest events registration.

Display Parameters:
rate, depth, compression mode, rescue time, event number,battery status and wireless connection.
Adjustable Parameters:
rate, depth, compression mode, date and time, data transmission mode and language.
Statistical Data:
CCF, rate, depth, rescue time, compression time and interruption time.

Soft start, provide the adaptation period to compression, reduce fracture risk.

3D compression combines the advantages of cardiac pump and thoracic pump,reducing the impact of compression.

The gravity center of device is lower than 15cm, and it does not topple when moving at a high speed to avoid hurting patients.

Battery working for 60 minutes and 100-240V AC power supply makes compression uninterrupted.

IP34 and EN1789 Certification.
Support the work at 45° inclination for Head-Up CPR.
Can be used in the preparation of ECPR,hyphthermia
treatment, PCI therapy.
Separate compression device and control panel.